As some of us will be heading back to work and changing schedules, as well as some people who travel and have to juggle a lot. This is a great topic for you!

As a nutrition and lifestyle consultant, I see many lifestyle diseases that can be prevented by taking care of the basic foundation of health. Here is the biggest HOT TIP you will receive today!

You will be in better health if you do this every day!!

1) Water 2) Movement We are meant to move as human beings, we have had to work for our food before we can consume it. Now everything is convenient, hence we are losing the ability to use our bodies as we should! The focus of this blog: Stay in shape even when you are busy Be intentional even for 10 minutes a day with the workouts we will show you, you can maintain good muscle strength, mobility, and cardiovascular health.

So, why is resistance training important?

There are so many benefits both inside and out. For the short term - you’ll see an improved mood, more energy and you will sleep better. Increased metabolism and adding some lean muscles will get you looking/feeling better day-to-day.

Long term - you reduce so many complications in life as we age. You can combat many diseases and prevent them from impacting your life. Stroke, diabetes, high blood pressure, you’ll see improved circulation and better bone density as you age.

When we stop the stimulus, we stop the benefits. Muscles become de-conditioned and weak. We are at a higher risk of developing lifestyle diseases sooner than we'd like. Here's some examples of how we maintained in shape busy times

During holidays we can slack off, but maintaining isn't as difficult even during travels. During our trip to London, we decided to keep it simple and inexpensive. Across the street was a small park where we stayed. First warm-up with fast walking and then for 10-20 minutes alternate between walking , jogging, running and sprinting intervals around the park. During another busy trip, Dan joined a pickup game of soccer on the beach with the locals while we were in Costa Rica. Getting in activity when you’re away can be easy, find something that you really enjoy doing. Join in on salsa dancing classes, aquacise or early morning yoga. If you’re someone who likes to bike, maybe you rent bikes for the day and take in the sites of your holiday that way.

We sometimes have to travel for work and having a good schedule can be disrupted. Here's a quick workout you can do in a hotel. Find the stairs and for 10 minutes, walk or jog up and down the stairs. If you prefer to be in your room, do this set of exercises. Set a time for 10 minutes and run through this sequence:

Bodyweight squats or Jump squats x 5 reps Elevated Pushups or regular push-ups x 5 reps Glute bridges x 5 reps T-openers or Bodyweight renegade row x 5 reps Good mornings or banded hip extension x 5 reps

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Another option for at home workouts using non-traditional tools, like a backpack for example, and focusing on strengthening the big muscle groups, you can get an effective workout in with no-equipment. Fill the backpack with substantial weight you can move.

Set a timer for 10 minutes and complete this in as many rounds as possible

10 Squats 10 Rows 10 Deadlifts 10 Pushups 10 Split Squats

Make it easy

Lay out your clothes nearby so when you get up you instantly change in them. Keep it really simple, go as far as outside to do a quick walk, jog or run, or a quick workout in the comfort of your living room or hotel room. Move as little as 10 minutes with either of the circuits above.

If you are already in great shape and you know you will have some disruption ahead, be intentional for even 10 minutes, you will maintain a healthy fit shape and you will feel like a million bucks!

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In Fitness & Lifestyle, Coach Michelle

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