Reward yourself by turning your post-workout protein shakes into an indulgent dessert! The Dessert Protein Pack provides the taste of your favorite desserts while meeting all of your protein needs.


The Dessert Protein Pack has 25 servings in total and includes: 

- Revolution Nutrition Whey Isolate Chocolate Cake (3 servings)

- Revolution Nutrition Whey Isolate Chocolate Mint Ice Cream (3 servings)

- Revolution Nutrition High Whey Vanilla Cake (4 servings)

- Revolution Nutrition High Whey Churros (4 servings)

- Revolution Nutrition High Whey Chocolate Banana Cream Pie (4 servings)

- Revolution Nutrition High Whey Lemon Meringue Pie (4 servings)

- Magnum Nutraceuticals Quattro Chocolate Dipped Strawberry (3 servings)

Dessert Protein Pack

  • Each Scoops bag is heat sealed and contains product labels/nutrition facts. All orders will be provided with a scoop for each supplement.


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