Looking for a tasty coffee or cereal? As A PROTEIN? This bundle pack includes protein that are sure to give you a great start to your day, or to enjoy throughout the day! 


The Sweet Breakfast Protein Pack has 20 servings in total and includes:

- Magnum Nutraceuticals Quattro Fruity Hoops (5 servings)

- Magnum Nutraceuticals Quattro Toasted Cinnamon Cereal (5 servings)

- Magnum Nutraceuticals Quattro Iced Caramel Macchiato (5 servings)

- BioX Power Whey Complex Cocoa Mocha (5 servings)

Sweet Breakfast Protein Pack

  • Each Scoops bag is heat sealed and contains product labels/nutrition facts. All orders will be provided with a scoop for each supplement.