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Why Scoops?

Purchasing supplements in large tubs can be inconvenient


They're expensive, difficult to finish, and  frankly boring


Our selection  of sports supplements are offered in a fully customizable fashion

Gain control of your supplements, and never waste another scoop again!


“Everything about my life is pretty routine. Same wake up time, same morning routine, same bed time, same meals. It can get a tad bland... 
With Scoops Supplements I get to switch things up a bit! By not having to commit to big tubs, I get to choose from a variety of preworkout and protein powder flavours.
Thanks to Scoops I discovered so many new flavours I would have never thought to purchase.
Shipping is super fast and amazing customer service.”

"Meeting my daily fluids and protein goals was tricky, and I didn't want to invest in a giant jug of a flavour I had never tasted.  Scoops was the perfect solution because I could try one, or multiple servings of a variety of flavours. Now I have multiple options, and each pack has the full nutritional information so it helps me with tracking. The added bonus is that the company is Canadian! I'll certainly be buying more in the future."

— Velarie

— Melissa

From our supplement suppliers, right to your doorstep.

In the exact amounts you want.

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